Crapped Out

Jack Hannigan is 78 but probably thinks he’s 20 years younger. He lives in a studio apartment in a Florida nursing home. A former FBI agent, he is not happy at the smiley intrusion of the staff and is certainly no fan of afternoon bingo.

A new resident moves across the corridor, dubiously named Bill Smith. Jack is convinced that Smith is an Italian hood who should still be in jail. Has he somehow escaped? Jack gets in touch with the Orlando office of the FBI but they have no great interest in the retired agent’s theory on the supposed gangster.


Booklist Review
Will this pas de deux end in murder— or an unlikely bromance? Moccia capably exploits the comic potential of his battling seniors, but he also finds a poignant undercurrent in the story of two former tough guys raging against the dying of the light.

— Bill Ott, Booklist Online

I have to be honest
I wasn't sure I'd get into this story after the first five pages. However, it wound up being an addictive story. I think the ending could have been better, but the story line, the characters and the on again, off again action had me hooked to the end. If you are looking for a fast read, this is a good pick

—Buck Weber, Goodreads 

CrimeTime Review
Quite apart from the fact that Irish Jack and Italian Bill hate each other, there is something going on here. It’s a lot of laughs and a couple of clever twists and a few hours spent in escapist fun is brilliant, published by Stark House press in paperback.
—Paul Burke, CRIMETIME in the UK