Cooperating Individual

Liberty Watson is a white girl who was street-raised in San Francisco’s gritty Tenderloin District. Her mother is a crack whore and her father’s last known mailing address is care of the California Department of Corrections.

Liberty was raised on a block where she would have been chewed up and spit out had she not been protected by a very decent female cop and a clever young drug lord who has loved her since both were in the fifth grade. Against steep odds she managed to keep her record clean. She passionately wants to join the SFPD so that she can help kids who come from similar backgrounds.

She aces the entry exam but because she is a Tenderloin girl with criminal parents she is immediately distrusted. It appears that the Department will only permit her to become a paid snitch. They want her to rat out the people who took care of her growing up.


Street Wise
A gritty novel set in San Francisco's decidedly untouristy Tenderloin District, the story introduces the reader to the unsavory, the pathetic, and the rare heroic characters that populate the area. The reader will care about what happens to each of them as the plot carries him to the satisfying conclusion. Highly recommended.

—Bill, Amazon reader

Gritty, Powerful, Colorful and Uplifiting
This book closely captured the environs of the San Francisco Tenderloin district and those who inhabited it. Having lived in San Francisco for many years, I knew the Tenderloin earned the notoriety. For Liberty to survive those unforgiving streets with all the vice surrounding her demonstrated her kindred spirit. The author brilliantly developed all the characters with a flourish. That Liberty came out on top was a major triumph. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Jay Alan, Amazon reader

Compelling Characters
Although I've never been to the underside of San Francisco, "Cooperating Individual" gave me a great sense of the Tenderloin and it's inhabitants. Within a few pages I was drawn into this world and was pulling for Liberty to succeed against the odds. Her journey and the other compelling characters you meet along the way make for great reading.

—Kirra Ray, Amazon reader