Perp Walk

Corey Sullivan is a U.S. Probation Officer. It is his job to act as interrogator, confidante, confessor and sometime therapist to his assigned caseload of gang members, racketeers, embezzlers, drug and gun traffickers, counterfeiters, bank robbers and corrupt former public officials—convicted federal criminals great and small. He takes pride in his ability to match wits with the worst of them.

When Manu Salaber comes up for supervised release from the U.S. Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Corey lobbies his boss for that assignment. Manu is both a career challenge and a career changer—a hyper-violent sadistic opportunist turned organized crime kingpin with a reputation for eliminating his competitors. He previously held much of the District’s power elite in his pocket through bribery or blackmail. If Corey can control Manu, he can handle anyone. If only he can survive the experience.


In this compelling legal thriller
the author artfully balances judicial realism with fictional suspense. As a former Federal probation officer, I appreciated the nuanced character development of courthouse personnel, judges and members of the protagonist's caseload. These personalities and their interactions are skillfully woven together in this gritty story. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this fascinating book.

—John A Yerman, Ph.D.

John Moccia's mastery of his genre is the product of his own life experience, but that alone is not enough. You have to be a real writer. Moccia is.
—M. C. Smith, author of The Blue River Restaurant & Tavern

John Anthony Moccia
has crafted a realistic drama, true to both criminal motivations and social work psychology… With professional expertise and sympathy for both victims and perpetrators of crime, Moccia has opened the lid on an underworld reality that most readers will find original and fascinating.

—Greg Lyons, Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition, University of Texas at Austin, author of Body and Culture and Literature of the American West

I enjoyed this book.
Has an easy flow…like a river current steadily pulling you along, and with anticipation…what’s around the next bend. Insightful, regarding Federal agencies, their relationships, politics, hierarches, judges and how they view and interact with each other. And the probation officers, their perceptions, approaches, psychology, dangers, highs and lows in dealing with an array (misdemeanors to dangerous felons) of cases and clients. Corey, a U.S. Federal Probation Officer, the center piece of this story, takes you on a journey of personal human emotions when dealing with parolees. Corey is challenged with his conviction and those of the system. The author is an excellent storyteller. His characterization of the people and descriptive dialogue masterfully move you seamlessly through the story.
Bienvenido to Perp Walk

—Murray L. (GoodReads)

Perp Walk was for me
an eye opening look at the role of the Federal Parole officer's dealings with the assortment of Federal parolees that stream through the Federal Court weekly. The job requires the skills of a social worker, a therapist and even clergyman as well as infinite patience. PO Corey Sullivan appears to embody these traits until he takes on the infamous and brutal Manu Salabar as a 'client.' Moccia's book unfolds with the cynicism and dose of humor for which he's known. Perp Walk is a satisfying and enlightening look at our Federal Parole system.

—KayDee (Amazon Reader)

Provides a Front Row Seat to
the world of Criminals and Federal Probation and Parole
Full Disclosure: As a retired DEA Agent, I had the pleasure of working with the author on a number of cases in Honolulu. I was also aware of his stellar reputation as a Federal Probation Officer from other members of federal law enforcement as well as Federal Judges.

In this book the author gives the reader a front row seat into the culture of the federal probation and parole officer as well as their monumental task of assisting their probationers and parolees in integrating back into society while maintaining vigilance regarding their return to criminal behavior.

The book allows the reader to see the types of offenders that are assigned to the Probation Officer and how the Officer has to deal with each type offender and personality. I appreciated the author's use of humor in the book especially dealing with the differences between the various federal law enforcement agencies. The author does an outstanding job weaving all the stories together and bringing us to a surprising but satisfying
—Jack Zalewski (Amazon Reader)